With hundreds of orders manufactured & 15 major brands served, we are a trusted source for compressed textiles and creative garment packaging. We can produce compressed textiles and custom packaging to the highest quality standards along with the fastest lead times in the industry. (From only 12 working days). All manufacturing is based in Europe.

We believe your brand deserves to be showcased on great quality products that don’t cost the earth.

Our aim has always been to delight customers by offering top quality at the best imaginable prices.

We pride ourselves on our unbeatable prices, reliable service, quality and efficient delivery. We will take the upmost care of your order from start to finish.

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We have added the process of compression to add extra value and appeal. Clients are always on the lookout for original promotional products at great prices.


We offer printed, embroidered, Jacquard, Woven and border relief towels in a vast assortment of colours, weights and sizes This consists of a towel which is compressed into a small compact shape that fits into the palm of your hand.


Enhance the value and appeal of a T-Shirt or towel. With a little bit of imagination anything is possible!


It’s possible to send a compressed T-Shirt or Towel by post! This consists of a compact T-Shirt or towel in the shape of a post card measuring 10 x 15 cm.

What is this?

T-shirt, towel, or any other cotton product which is decorated using screen printing, embroidery and other decorative apparel techniques. The garment is then subjected to the compaction process where it is pressed into a small compact shape of your choice that fits into the palm of one's hand.

This consists of:

  • The garment decorated in one or more positions
  • The garment compressed into a compact shape
  • With 2 full colour insert cards (front and reverse carton inserts)
  • Shrink wrapping to seal the contents

How does it work?

The compressed garment, once soaked in water or washed has 100% recuperation for both the garment and screen printing.

Generally we print usage instructions on one of the insert cards. These instructions can read “Open, place in water, iron” or “Open, place in water, iron inside out” when using coloured T-shirts printed in plastisol inks.

Alternatively more precise instructions can be used such as: “Open the package, discard film, cartons and place in water for at least 1 minute until the T-shirt / towel expands to its original size.”


We can produce any shape and supply simulations for customer approval prior to the mould being made. Below you can see some examples of computer generated artwork. When the shapes are designed, they are drawn to scale respecting a radius of 9. Why is this important? Because this way we ensure a quality compression and shrink wrapping. The moulds are guaranteed for life and can be used to compress other textile items such as towels, socks, underwear and other textiles with a cotton composition.

We also offer a free 3D rendering service where you can get to see a real replica of the product prior to the mould being made.

Creative bespoke packaging

Want to WOW your customers with creative garment packaging? Add value and appeal. Think outside of the box! Further enhance the value and appeal of a T-Shirt or towel. With a little bit of imagination anything is possible!

Best of all, bespoke packaging adds a whole lot of VALUE AND APPEAL. With the majority of all T-Shirts being packaged into individual poly bags this can mean only one thing: BORING, STALE PROMOTIONS WITH LITTLE RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

We mean it when we say creative T-Shirt packaging is the best way forward to differentiate your brand from the masses.

The whole point is to make a lasting impression on customers and this will certainly do that. It’s what everybody desires... excitement and engagement and you can have it a lot cheaper than what you think!

Even more value can be added by packaging CD/ DVD’s, coasters and other items into the shrink wrapped package.

Other Compact Textiles

There are many other types of textiles that we can compress, for instance, socks, aprons, bandanas, pareos, baby bibs and underwear.

The textile has to be made up of at least 80% cotton. However, we are capable of compressing polyester cotton textiles as well. We can of course compress your own garments.